Services and Prices

Simple flat fee.
£55 inc VAT

  • Full examination of the horses’ head and mouth,
  • Correction of imbalances and overgrowths using dental instruments (see FAQ)
  • Identification of any ‘bitting’ issues that may be evident in the mouth,
  • Identification of any dental pathology such as fractured teeth, periodontal disease, diastemas (gaps between the teeth) and EOTRH lesions (Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis)
  • Identification of cap fragments (remaining ‘baby teeth’),
  • Electronic dental chart and reminder service.

Removal of wolf teeth
£25 inc. VAT
(if not undertaken as part of routine visit)

  • Price is irrespective of time taken.
  • Each of our clients is given the same high standard of treatment and care, with owner education an important part of our service. We have full professional indemnity insurance.
  • In the vast majority of cases, no visit fee is applied. However, to make this possible, we do try to organise our visits so that we are working within a specified area on any one day.  A visit fee may be applied if we are asked to travel further afield than our normal catchment area. Alternatively, your horse can be seen at our own yard near to Royal Wootton Bassett

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The Horse Dentist

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